MOVING on to next level

VMetrix, the first SaaS
solution for investment portfolio management

Front to Back VMetrix SaaS
Front to Back

We manage the entire investment portfolio lifecycle.

Out of the box, vmetrix saas

We integrate with leading market providers to offer you intra-day pricing of assets, indexes and rates, all ready to use.

vmetrix saas, 95% de los intrumentos financieros pre cargados
95% of financial instruments

Pre-loaded and configured for each country.

vmetrix saas, gestion operativa de riesgo
Operational management

Risk management, agreements and confirmations setup, accounting and reporting in one place.

digitalize, visualize and operate without implementation

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as a service

We provide a solution

Today VMetrix is SaaS (Software as a Service), the only technological platform, hosted in the cloud and as a service, for the transactional lifecycle management of financial assets.

vmetrix saas, sin implementaciones
Without implementation

We eliminated the processes related to the set-up of a transactional system.

vmetrix saas, en nuestra infraestructura
In our infrastructure

We handle the administration of all the required infrastructure.

vmetrix saas, sin obsolescencias

We manage hardware and software upgrades at no additional cost.

vmetrix saas, accesibilidad 24/7

We ensure 99.900% uptime, through our partnership with Oracle Cloud.

vmetrix saas en suscripciones mensuales
Monthly subscriptions

Forget about up front payment and pay only for your active users on the platform.

A higher-level system for portfolio management

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There is a better way to operate and VMetrix made it happen

Our technical and financial knowledge, along with our vast experience in the on-premise market, led us to develop the first SaaS for the transactional lifecycle of financial assets.

vmetrix 2014

VMetrix foundation, managing consultancies and implementations of Worldclass software.

vmetrix 2016

Internationalization and entry into the Mexican and Paraguayan markets.

vmetrix 2018

Development of our
On-Premise platform.

vmetrix 2021

Launching of a technological cell in Brazil to move forward in innovation.

vmetrix 2022

VMetrix, INC. establishment in USA.

vmetrix 2023

We revolutionize the industry with the launch of the first SaaS solution for the management of investment portfolios.

vmetrix 2016

Internacionalización y entrada al mercado de México y Paraguay.

vmetrix 2018

Desarrollo de nuestra plataforma On-premise.

vmetrix 2023

Revolucionamos la industria con el lanzamiento de la primera solución SaaS para el manejo de portafolios de inversión.

vmetrix 2014

Fundación de VMetrix, gestionando consultorías e implementación de software Worldclass.

vmetrix 2021

Apertura de célula tecnológica en Brasil para avanzar en innovación.

vmetrix 2022

Creación de VMETRIX INC en EEUU.

Financial Challenge 2022

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Software as a Service is a technological solution -hosted in the cloud- that delivers a service in a subscription model. With this model, the provider is responsible for the administration of the technological infrastructure necessary to support the platform, providing automatic updates and managing hardware, software and information security, at no additional cost to the client.